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My name is Leslie Taylor and I am the founder of Raintree Nutrition, Inc., a company that was a leader in creating a world-wide market for the important medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest since 1995. More information about me can be found on the Raintree website and in the introduction to my book.

I have authored two books on rainforest medicinal plants: Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest and The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs. I am also the author of the extensive Tropical Plant Database that has been online since 1996.

I am currently writing the 2nd edition of The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs and have started this blog to share more information about these wonderful and powerful medicinal plants and the herbal remedies I've created with them. As I update each rainforest plant in the book, I plan on sharing the following information here:
  • My personal experiences using the plant as a practitioner in the U.S.
  • My personal experiences using the plant as a practitioner traveling through the remote jungles of the Amazon Rainforest
  • How I used the plant to create formulas and herbal remedies in my work with Raintree Nutrition.
  • The latest research that has been published on the plant validating it's properties, actions, and uses in herbal medicine.
  • Reviewing the available herbal supplements on the market using the plant.

Please be aware that I was a board-certified Naturopathic practitioner for many years but I retired from my practice in 2012. I cannot give anyone medical advice or help anyone choose products or remedies for any disease or medical condition. Please don't ask me for medical advice; I cannot legally or ethically provide it.  Come here for information about these plants and remedies, but find a good holistic health practitioner to help you if you are ill or are trying to treat a serious disease or condition.


  1. How wonderful! I've always been fascinated with the healing power of plants ever since I was young. To this day, I always prefer a home/natural remedy over anything else! Good for you for creating a better world out there.

  2. America and the world have missed your genius, knowledge, wit and bright, bubbly writing perhaps more than you know. Welcome back and godspeed in everything you do.

    1. Thank you so much! It feels great to be back!

  3. Hello Leslie,

    I have been attempting to contact you regarding your work on Raintree herbs and the book you wrote. I used to be an avid buyer of your products up until the site came down.

    I have been doing some really groundbreaking work and am collaborated with a pioneer in this new paradigm. We have been meaning to get a hold of you with questions regarding your work and site years ago. If it is possible to get a contact email sent to my email (tim-perry-03@hotmail.com) so we can elaborate more on our work and your connection to it that would be of great assistance.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.


    1. Hi Tim,
      I send you an email in response.

      Best wishes,


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