Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Rainforest Medicinal Plant Guide Series

I am excited to present my new series of books featuring the important medicinal plants of the rainforest that I've  studied and used for more than 20 years. These new plant guides provide up-to-date factual, scientific, and vital information on how to use these powerful medicinal plants effectively to improve your health. I struggled with whether to update my big rainforest plant book, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs, since it really needed updating with all the new research that has been conducted on all these wonderful rainforest plants. There was just too much new information on all the plants in the book to do a second edition.  It would be huge and probably necessary to print in two volumes.

Instead, I am doing individual plant guides books on each plant. This will allow me to provide much more information on each plant, provide disease-specific dosages, and more fully explain the main uses that I recommend the plant for, and how the plant can address these uses in much greater detail. These books are between 80 to 150 pages in length.  All will be available through as both eBooks and printed books.

Keep in mind, I don't sell herbal supplements or herb products other than books. The books in this series do not promote any specific brands or herbal supplement products however, I'll share my insider information and my research on the plants in a comprehensive consumer guide to help you choose a good product, prepare it correctly, and take it in the proper dosages. These definitive medicinal plant guides concern the plants and their researched effective actions and uses. The information in these guides is more extensive, complete, and unbiased than natural product companies who sell these plants as supplements can provide.  They will contain all the information that you need to use the plants effectively which companies who sell these plants simply cannot legally provide.

The first books in this new series include:

HIBISCUS FLOWER: Nature's Secret for a Healthy Heart

Learn how to address high blood pressure, high cholesterol and clogged arteries, and more naturally without the negative side effects of prescription drugs.
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ACEROLA:  Nature's Secret to Fight Free Radicals

Discover how fighting free radicals with acerola promotes healthy aging and weight loss,  prevents many chronic diseases, and more.
Available March 2020

CAMU-CAMU: Nature's Secret for Disease Prevention

The highest source of natural vitamin C combined with the “Power of Polyphenols” in this Amazon super-fruit provides amazing health benefits
Available March 2020

CHANCA PIEDRA: Nature's Secret for Kidney Stones

Discover how to use this powerful and effective rainforest plant for kidney stones, gout, viruses, and more.
Available April 2020

GRAVIOLA: Nature's Secret for Cancer

Learn about exciting new research that reports this power plant of the Amazon may well be the most powerful natural aid in the battle against cancer. 
Available May 2020

PAU D'ARCO: Nature's Secret to Fight Infections

Learn about the infection-fighting actions of this powerful rainforest plant to kill bacteria, yeast, mold, candida, viruses, and more.
Available July 2020

CAT'S CLAW: Nature's Secret for the Immune System

Learn how to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and protect your brain with this effective rainforest vine.
Available June 2020


  1. Great! Terrific! There certainly is pent-up demand for your books, Dr. Taylor ... will I be able to get these in wholesale quantities and, if so, from whom? Also, I've spoken to the publisher of your classic Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs but, of course, they don't have any copies left and can only refer folks to used booksellers. By any chance do YOU have copies you can part with? If so, let me know and I'll buy them! Thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate you more than you know. Derek Clontz

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks so much, and you are most welcome! Yes, the new plant guides in the series will be available for wholesale purchase through most major book distributors. I'll be putting up wholesale and retail purchasing links on the new book series page ( early next week, at least for the Hibiscus Flower book that should be available to purchase next week.

      My publisher of the The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs, Square One, has that book being reprinted now. It should be available for you to purchase again soon. Give them a call next week and they can tell you more.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hello dr. Taylor,

    Thank you for all the information you have shared on your website and in your book, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs.

    I have looked through your database of formulas and am wondering if N-Tense 2 is very effective for CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia)? My 20 year old brother is on "watch and wait" and we are looking for natural products to help him heal. I read you had a similar challenge yourself and am hopeful you can point us in the right direction.

    Thank you very much for any suggestions of what you would do in this situation.

    Thank you!

    1. You are most welcome! And yes, personally, if I had CLL, I would be supplementing with the NTENSE-2 formula. I have had the personal experience of seeing many benefit from this formula.

      Best wishes to you both,

    2. Thank you so much for your reply!

      Can NTENSE-2 be taken continually with no breaks at the dosage of 4 capsules 3 times daily? Also, will adding Graviola and Pau d'arco tea be helpful?

      Thank you again so much for your help!

    3. You're welcome! Ye, the formula can be taken without any breaks and at the labeled dosages of 3-4 capsules three times daily based on body weight (4 x 3 in people over 185 pounds). Based on everything I've read on graviola, it won't be much help for CLL. Pau d'arco tea might help however. Just make sure you prepare it as a decoction (boil the inner bark for at least 10 minutes) rather than just a tea for the best effects.

      Best wishes,

  3. Thank you dr. Taylor! How long should you take NTENSE-2 for to know if it is working for your CLL? When do you know if the protocol is working or not?

    1. Personally, I would take it for two months and ask my doctor to run blood work again to see if there were positive changes noted.


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