OMG! Cancer and antioxidants. At last!

So, I just finished the 6th plant I’ve researched and updated and it was the 3rd plant out of the 6  that I’ve seen clinical studies where researchers or pharmaceutical companies are combining either the plant or chemicals extracted from the plant with standard chemotherapy drugs.

 Oh. My. God!  What are they thinking!!! 

It appears what mainstream medicine has finally learned (that I’ve been telling them since 1996 when I first launched cat’s claw) is that great antioxidants from plants offer remarkable cellular protective actions to healthy cells under the onslaught of indiscriminate chemo drugs that kill everything in their path. It's the good ole “burn the barn down to kill the rat in the barn” approach they’ve done for so many years. Mainstream doctors once thought that a cellular protective antioxidant like cat’s claw would protect a cancer cell from being killed by their chemo drug and warned all their cancer patients NOT to take any kind of antioxidant.  Doctors have warned cancer patients for many years now that all antioxidants would reduce the effectiveness of their chemo/radiation/treatment/results.  This made my eyes roll back in my head and put me in an untenable position of trying to tell a cancer patient that they should listen to me and not their oncologist.  

They were wrong.  I told them so, but most didn’t listen.  Cat’s Claw was a strong antioxidant and an immune stimulant proven in Germany and Austria to enhance the effect of chemo, protect healthy cells from damage, and keep the immune system intact in cancer patients undergoing chemo so doctors could administer even more chemo.  A cat’s claw extract was actually sold as an herbal drug in Germany by prescription only as an adjunctive cancer therapy for those exact reasons. American doctors didn’t want to hear it and they didn’t believe it. They started writing papers, articles, pamphlets, and clinical studies with questionable methods saying antioxidants are contraindicated in cancer.  But they certainly didn't tell their cancer patients to avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables which are the main source of natural plant antioxidants in our diet.

I need to figure out what changed, because it’s obvious they see the truth now.  I’m assuming they just decided to “go with the flow” since so many Americans were using natural products and remedies without their doctor’s permission or advice and the doctors’ couldn’t ignore the results their patients were getting with them. Maybe it was the oncologists in Europe who had the ability to prescribe herbal drugs with antioxidant actions continually reporting the benefits in reducing toxicity for almost seven years now? What about all the product-sponsored research that now says that coffee and dark chocolate are good for you?  Both are good sources of plant-based antioxidant chemicals and these are the reasons they are now good for you instead of bad for you!

For about 5 years now, it looks like doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including in the U.S., are studying and clinically confirming now that plant antioxidants can prevent their toxic chemo drugs from killing liver, renal, brain, heart, blood, gastric, and immune cells. Antioxidants can also clean up all the mess left behind when the chemo drugs are killing cancer cells (scavenging free radicals created in the cellular dying process which damage other healthy cells in the vicinity). They are reporting some antioxidants in these published studies are making their chemo drugs more effective, not protecting cancer cells. Has mainstream medicine finally turned a corner? Not one of the many studies I've read thus far reported that antioxidants were protecting cancerous cells and they've been studying and looking for that effect as well.  I anticipate reading many more of these studies as I continue to update the research on all the rainforest plants - there are lots of strong antioxidants in rainforest plants!  Wow, huh?  

I hate people who take such glee in saying “I told you so.”  So, I’m just going to say. . .  “Neener. Neener. Neener. Dammit!”

But it’s of little wonder, and about time. My personal experience with cancer, and working with some of the cancer patients I’ve helped in the last 20 years, demonstrated to me that oftentimes the chemo will kill you faster than the cancer will. I almost died of renal failure caused by the chemo drugs used to treat my AML leukemia way before the leukemia was actually life threatening. A friend (and sort of family member) died a little over a year ago from ovarian cancer.  Let me restate that; she died of the toxicity to her heart that was caused by the doxorubicin chemo drug they gave her to treat her ovarian cancer.  This chemo drug is well known to cause heart damage.  It’s well known to cause death from the heart damage causing acute heart failure (which you have to sign a medical release for saying they told you that). But my friend's death was recorded as death from ovarian cancer, not death by chemo drug.  Sadly, this heart-toxic chemo drug has never once cured ovarian cancer.    It almost broke my heart when I was reading the clinical research showing a chemical in one of my beloved rainforest plants (a chemical called vitexin that comes from amor seco) completely protected the heart from this exact same chemo drug.  Also knowing that there was enough of this particular chemical in the plant to be effective to avoid this toxic effect to her heart. . .  I wish I would have started updating sooner.

So, are we seeing a paradigm shift in oncology?  First the relatively new (mostly non-toxic) immune therapies for cancer and now the antioxidants.  Have they burned enough barns down to make the shift?  Or maybe it's more and more cancer patients saying; "Now wait just a minute. . . you want to burn the barn down to kill a rat; you're kidding me, right?"  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ve just been away from all this too long playing on my farm and am unaware of a bunch of new antioxidant drugs in development?  I’m just so cynical when it comes to the very profit-driven drug industry. Well, I’m back, so we’ll see about that too!  

So keep an eye out on the updates I’m writing concerning cancer drugs combined with rainforest plants and/or their chemicals.  The number is 3 out of 6 so far. I think you’ll also see me reporting repeatedly that great plant antioxidants are providing very beneficial actions in many other diseases as well.  Diabetes for sure, heart diseases probably, skin and cellular aging absolutely, autoimmune diseases -  we’ll see!


  1. You ask, "Are we seeing a paradigm shift in oncology?" Are you saying antioxidants repair, but cannot cure? Suggesting that in fact unwittingly supports the present allopathic approach -- by minimizing the real power of antioxidants to cure. You'll never get allopathy to admit their chemo is useless as long as you portray antioxidants are palliative or even synergistic. First and foremost, herbs can cure -- and they can do so without the help of our "modern" medical establishment's enforcements, thank you. I'd rather run away when a licensed practitioner approaches me. The establishment will continue to vacuum in tons of money and whether you come along with helpful herbs, they'll make sure to relegate these herbs to mere secondaries at best.

  2. I've seen antioxidants prevent cancer. I've seen them minimize damage caused by cancer. I've seen them help clean up the mess when lots of cancer cells are killed. We're now seeing antioxidants protect healthy cells from chemo damage. But, no, I've not seen an antioxidant specifically kill cancer cells, with the exception of very high, almost toxic dosages of vitamin C. They typically just don't work that way. I have seen however, a plant contain antioxidant chemicals along with anti-tumorous/anti-cancerous chemicals heal cancer. Personally I think the Rx companies are employing antioxidants in an effort to keep their toxic chemo drugs relevant. I'm just happy to see fewer people die of chemo faster with a much reduced quality of life from their toxic drugs that don't work. I did plenty of chemo when I was young and stupid. I learned first hand their chemo kills, not cures. There are plenty of better options with plants with excellent anticancer actions which work far better, faster and with less toxicity than chemo, but, no these are not antioxidants. I've helped 10's of thousands of people treat their cancer with effective plants instead of chemo. That's why I don't sell any of these plants any more. Soon you'll see my cancer protocols published helping many more and saying all the things I could never say before because I did sell herbal remedies. Stay tuned. More to come.

  3. I think I'm still missing your perspective.

    Seeing that "antioxidants prevent cancer" could also be because antioxidants cure cancer. Sometimes it pays to see the herb from a less-microscopic view. It's the herb we ought to be targeting for cure-alls, not the substances that can be extracted and then slightly altered in the lab to create a patentable molecule. Perhaps we would find that the higher the antioxidant score the higher the cancer repair rate of any herb, but I'd wager some herbs with less antioxidant power can do just as good a job, because there is synergy with local native molecules. Why the need to grab at the antioxidants in plants when plants themselves can do the trick?

    Cancer, after all, is a common phenomenon at some micro, or cellular level. That's easy to realize with all the pollutants we swim through every day. It's just that the body can repair itself usually. That's normal. No doubt the corrective action has to do with hydrogen atoms at some level, no doubt, but I'd want to focus on the outcome of good curative therapy as per herb or herbal combinations.

    Case in point: Mirko Beljanski found, among other things, after examining a huge swath of herbs, how two herbs in particular reversed a cancerous outcome, in his lab. Beljanski postulated that the DNA chromosomal instability, where it is partially unwound, due to toxic imposition, is the beginning and cause of cancer. (And not genetic mutations, which are the rare exceptions!) In fact, until today, his products are regarded as adjuvants to allopathic therapy, simply because the powers at large simple won't allow a trial of the herbs all by themselves.

    BTW, I find your site a great find where I expect to learn quite a bit. Thanks for who you are, and telling us of your experiences and insights.

  4. Well, I think we are much closer in our thinking than you might think. I'm an herbalist, not a chemist. I'm saying the same thing... why use some single chemical when you can use the whole plant.. and better yet, several plants together? I had a formula call N-Tense that was a combination of 8 plants. In that formula were at least 35 anticancerous/antitumorus plant chemicals among 100's of other active chemicals that provided other actions and benefits. These 35 chemicals could kill cancer cells in 6 different ways and not a chance in hell could a cancer cell mutate against that many chemicals working in 6 different ways the way a cancer cell could easily defend against a single molecule/chemical some Rx company made. Other chemicals in the all the plants in the formula are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune stimulants, cellular protectors and a host of other things. No way to even tell the real synergy between all those plants and their active chemicals... but I didn't really need to know. If it works, it works.

    In all my work studying cancer and working with plants and cancer, I have yet to see anything that could actually "repair cancer." The closest thing I've seen that might come close is the new "kill switch" research they're working on now. The ability to remove certain enzymes (and one particular master enzyme) down several particular signalling pathways which is utilized by RNA to give DNA it's immortality code and if you can interfere with this enzyme or disable it, its supposed to restore normal apoptosis codes to the cancer's DNA. In that regard, your own natural immune system could clean up the remaining cancer cells if apoptosis codes were restored.

    But what I've seen thus far, once a cell is cancerous... there's no real way to repair it and it must be killed/removed. It might have been a prostate or a breast or a kidney cell at one time, but once it became cancerous, it was transformed and there is no going back or undoing that and turning it back into a normal healthy breast, prostate or kidney cell. If you could point me to some research showing otherwise, I'd love to see it! I certainly don't think I know it all, because I learn new stuff every day! And thanks, I hope you enjoy my raintree website and this blog!

  5. Your claim: " but once it became cancerous, it was transformed and there is no going back or undoing that and turning it back into a normal healthy breast, prostate or kidney cell," is anathema to a naturalist!

    You say also: "I have yet to see anything that could actually "repair cancer." Well, nothing cures cancer except the body itself. You probably have the illness/antibiotic paradigm to guide you, but the antibiotic also kills good biomes.

    Your approach is akin to the following anecdote: Imagine a backyard full of rats. You have the idea to get rid of them by shooting them with your shotguns. Even if you kill them all, will rats not return to scour? Sure they will because you didn't remove the foodstuff from your backyard. As long as the terrain remains dirty, you'll not get rid of the rats. Similarly, stop looking for that which will "destroy" or remove the cancer. Let the body do that. Have you not learned of H. Hoxsey, R. Caisse, P. Nichols, G. Naessens, J. Humble, N. Gonzalez, to name but a few, that cured cancer without the need for radical surgery, chemo or radiation?

    Give the body an immune booster or do a good job in detoxification, supply nutrition, and THE BODY SHALL HEAL ITSELF!

    There are very many testimonials and doctors experiences that herbs can bring a cure! Your view that cancer cell damage is irreversible is a sad testimony to just how prevalent and dominant allopathy is, even tainting the views of good-intending healers.

  6. Let me try this again... when a breast cell mutates into a cancerous cell, it turns into (typically) an adenocarcinoma cell. It might have a few RNA/DNA fragments of the original breast cell, but it is no longer a breast cell. This adenocarcinoma cell starts to divide and multiply rapidly, making more adenocarcinoma cells (not breast cells containing cancer) until a tumorous mass is created in the breast. These adenocarcinoma cells can then hitch a ride somewhere else in the body (brain, lung, liver, etc) and begin replicating again until another adenocarcinoma tumorous mass is created again in another organ. I know of no substance on earth that has the ability to heal or transform these adenocarcinoma cells back into a healthy breast cell. There is no breast cell left, just a few RNA/DNA fragments. If you know of such a substance, please share! Then tell me what you're supposed to do with a lump of healthy breast cells in your brain or lungs if that's is possible and the implications of that.

    And yes, I know of Hoxsey, Caisse, and even Beljanski and the many others dealing with natural cures for cancer. They are doing the exact same thing I am... finding natural plant chemicals that can KILL these cancer cells without harming healthy cells. They are healing cancer by killing cancer cells they are NOT healing cancer cells. For example, Belianski found 2 plant chemicals in 2 Brazilian rainforest trees that had an infinity for unwound DNA strand breaks found in some types of cancer (not all types of cancer) and his herbal extract actually found those cancer cells and KILLED them.

    I do the exact same with another Brazilian rainforest tree (than has none of the toxic effects from other chemicals that Belainski had to remove from his extract) with a tree called graviola. There is a certain enzyme found only in the cell walls of cancer cells (some cancer cells, not all) and chemicals in graviola have an infinity for this enzyme and seek it out and find these cancer cells. When they find this enzyme in a cancer cell they attach to it, and it interferes with the enzyme's ability to hold the cancer cell wall together and the cell falls apart and KILLS the cancer cell. Using that method along with boosting immune function to join in the process, and providing help with antioxidants to clean up the resulting mess of dying cancer cells, is why I've been so successful helping people cure their cancer using natural plants and their natural plant chemicals. Because graviola mainly works on this enzyme, I must find other plants/chemicals that work in other ways to seek out and destroy these cancer cell without harming healthy cells (why I have a formula with 8 plants) for other types of cancer cells that don't have this particular enzyme in their cell wall.

    And yes, understand too your position on "terrain." That's all well and good for prevention for sure. My personal terrain is better than the average American, because I live on a sustainable small farm and grow the majority of my food, avoid the many man-made chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, city pollution, and many other things most Americans have to deal with on a daily basis. So I'll bet my immune system is policing my terrain much better than others. Not everyone is so lucky, nor does everyone want to live my lifestyle. And whatever the cause of healthy cells mutating into cancerous cells, once these cancer cells start to divide and multiply they are doing so faster than your body can produce NK immune cells responsible for policing the terrain, even with natural immune boosters (which I also use). So, I'll still keep my shotgun handy.

    1. Do you see now that we are saying the same thing? YES! Plants and herbs can heal cancer. Been there, done that, 10,000 of times, wrote two books about it. I'm just breaking it down on a chemical level explaining WHY these plants are curing cancer. And it's by killing cancer cells and only cancer cells, unlike the Rx industry's toxic man-made chemicals that kill everything and is toxic to all healthy cells. Healing cancer is not the same thing as healing cancer cells. See?


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